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DONE – a slightly different way to record your daily successes

Modern life identifies with being busy people and it is common for us to not take time out for ourselves to remember what we have completed in a day. Some of these jobs are small, some of enormous proportion but all should be with purpose.

With heavy workload and chaotic lives also comes a continual bombardment on our resilience. This resilience is our core backbone that keeps us going.

A way to help with maintaining and building on a high level of confidence and resilience is to record and review what we have done that has had an impact.

With this in mind, we have built this tool to help you simply record this electronically. You can save a shortcut to the entry screen onto your phone so that you can easily access what you have achieved and we will talk to you regularly to celebrate some of the successes that you have had.

Give it a go on us for the first 14 days, after which a monthly charge of £2.99 (+VAT if applicable) is made. You can cancel at any time, and still be able to access your information although your journaling of the achievements will stop.

Capture your daily achievements quickly and accurately using this mobile enabled tool and reporting suite.
Price: £2.99


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